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Barossa Players is a not for profit theatre group which started in 2012 and has since staged 14 plays successfully in association with Barossa Arts and Convention Centre at the Eckermann Theatre.

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Previous Plays performanced by Barossa Players


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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

When Randle Patrick McMurphy gets transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution, he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. But the authoritarian Nurse Ratched runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. The battle of wills between the rebellious McMurphy and the inflexible Ratched soon affects all the ward’s patients. The movie won a fistful of Oscars in 1976, including Best Film, Best Director (Miloš Forman), Best Actor (Jack Nicholson), Best Actress (Louise Fletcher), Best Supporting Actor (Brad Dourif).

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The play opened with the morning rush in a ladies ‘restroom’ which is managed by two attendants gradually builds up. Three office girls come in to do their make-up before work, then two older widows out for a day shopping followed by Grandma, mum and child, all to ‘spend a penny’. Gradually they begin to chat with some very funny misunderstandings and revelations between the generations! It soon focuses on the men in their lives and the ‘rituals’ expected of the various relationships, each group being outraged by the attitudes of the others! Things begin to get a little sinister when the presence of a ‘man’ is suspected!


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Brilliant Lies

Susy Connor, 35 year old employee of Life Choice Options, claims that because she failed to meet the sexual demands of her boss, Gary Fitzgerald, she was severely harassed and unfairly dismissed. And so starts Barossa Players production, Brilliant Lies, by decorated Australian playwright, David Williamson (best known for his Australian football play The Club). Director, David Underwood, says, “Brilliant Lies was very fast paced and engaged the audience from start to finish over its 20 different scenes. The play is raw. Emotions were stirred, empathy, tears, revulsion, fascination …. It has everything.

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Murder at Checkmate Manor

Barossa Players staged one of their funniest shows The Farndale "Murder at Checkmate Manor". The play is set in the drawing room of Checkmate Manor. The family gathers for the reading of the will of the late Sir Reginald Bishop. However, someone else has designs on the Checkmate millions, and will stop at nothing to get them. A string of grisly murders ensues, where everyone has a motive and everyone is a suspect in aclassic whodunit farce. The crunch comes in the final scene when the murderer is about to be revealed, when Mrs Reece, doyenne of the group, saves the daywith a final twist to the plot.


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Pass the Butler

Pass the Butler, written by Eric Idle (of Monty Python’s Flying Circus fame), is simply blue-black adult comedy at its very best. It is an outrageous and hilarious piece of Python-esque theatre which has audiences in tears of laughter from curtain up to the uproarious and totally unexpected conclusion.
We implore audiences not to reveal the ending to their friends, but to coax or cajole them to see for themselves.

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Agnes of God

Written By John Pielmeier, Directed by Paul Paulenas.
Young novice nun, Sister Agnes (Jess Beattie), radiates innocence, purity and her Lord′s grace. However, a deceased newborn is discovered in her room. Both Agnes and her protector, Mother Miriam (Siobhan Barnden), claim a virgin birth. This gripping drama is not so much a whodunit, as a ‘how could this be possible?’
Court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr Martha Livingstone (Sandy Smith), is charged with determining whether Agnes is in a fit enough mental state to stand trial for infanticide. The powerful battle between scientific certainties and religious commitment is sure to keep you glued to your seat until the very last thread is unravelled.

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This highly acclaimed Australian play is about a young university graduate Lewis (Andrew Smith) attempting to direct Mozart’s opera Cosi Fan Tutte in a mental institution. Set in Melbourne in 1971, with Vietnam War arguments raging, the plot is driven by the inmates demanding to put on the very ambitious production against Lewis’s better judgement.

Roy (Colin Davis), a manic-depressive, leads the charge to stage Mozart’s comic opera. He recruits Doug (Spencer Scholz), a pyromaniac with a cat problem, a domineering psychotic Cherry (Kelly Adams), obsessive-compulsive Ruth (Sandy Smith), stuttering ex-lawyer Henry (Nicolaas Voorendt), heroin addict Julie and spaced out musician, Zac (Giles Bartram). None of them can sing, but at Roy’s insistence, they forge ahead. Dedicated social worker, Justin, (Martin Bailey), attempts to sort out many of the problems that arise. To complicate things, Lewis’s girlfriend Lucy (Savannah Barnden), is having a ‘relationship’ with Lewis’s best mate, Nick (Micah Miller).

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Farewell Brisbane Ladies

Written By Doreen Clarke. Directed by Jo Hough. Cast: Gert (Glenda Oberscheidt) and Winnie (Anita Thiele). In a small house, somewhere in Queensland, in the 80s, a couple of ‘old tarts’ share their past and present relationships with us. What a past it is as the stories of various ‘clients’ add a touch of spice to the reminiscences of Gert and Winnie. Gert has had a stroke of luck, inheriting the little home from a grateful Wilhelm when he passed on. Winnie had no such luck but is keen to use Gert’s assets to go into business running their own ‘parlor’!


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What is the Matter with Mary Jane?

by Wendy Harmer - Directed by David Underwood. Sancia Robinson on whose anorexic life this play is based, the play is powerful with an important story to tell about this frightening human condition, but it is incredibly worthy as a fine piece of theatre. Wendy Harmer’s comic touch brings some funny moments without compromising the integrity of the play’s central theme, anorexia nervosa. Students from middle primary to secondary school and adults will love this play. It's both funny and sad, and it brings a great understanding of the image and peer pressures that girls face and eating disorders.
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God of Carnage

A Comedy of Manner – Without the Manners! High octane comedy, just strap yourself in for a hilarious time! Two upper middle class couples meet one evening to discuss, logically and amiably of how to deal with each of their boys, where one of the boys hit the other with a stick, breaking two of his teeth. Well, that’s the way the evening starts. Directed by David Underwood with Colin Davis (Alan Reilly), Marlo Grocke(Annette Reilly), Prudence Gill (Veronica Vallon) and BJ Moore (Michael Vallon).
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Arsenic & Old Lace

Arsenic and Old Lace, first performed in 1941, ran continuously in the USA for nearly four years for 1444 performances. This is timeless theatre! The Brewster sisters, two sweet old ladies who empathize so much with the old and lonely men they meet, alleviate their earthly sufferings and quicken their way to heaven by serving them a hearty meal and a glass of their famous homemade Elderberry wine, laced with arsenic. A classic comedy which will intrigue audiences with all its twists and turns through a lovely unpredictable plot. Directed by Nicolaas Voorendt, with Glenda Oberscheidt (Abby Brewster), Lyn Wheeler (Martha Brewster), BJ Moore (Rev Harper & Witherspoon), Colin Davis (Teddy), Lea Rebane (Elaine), Graham Smith (Officer Brophy), Mal Taylor (Mortimer), Martin Bailey (Gibbs & Officer O’Hara), Fred Dobbin (Jonathan), Craig Miller (Dr Einstein), and Fred Wheeler (Lieutenant Rooney).


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A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays, by Bob Larbey, and directed by Sally Fox, is the story of six people at a nursing home. Two of the residents Cooper (Mal Taylor) and Aylott (Martin Wright) are old friends and dream of escaping. Aylott is physically sound but with early signs of dementia while Cooper has a wonderful wit, but is physically confined. The young nurse Wilson (Jen Watts) is cheerful and has to manage Coopers’ flirtatious banter. Mrs Baker (Annette Herd) is a hard working cleaning woman who looks after an ageing father. Cooper’s daughter Julia (Prudence Gill) and her husband Peter (Gerard Daff) visit Cooper once a month on Sundays.
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‘Caravan’, directed by David Underwood, is a ‘laugh a minute’, slightly bawdy adult Australian farce by Donald MacDonald. It tells the story of Penny (Kelly Adams) and Parkes (Colin Davis) Robinson , who invite their oldest friends Rodney (Giles Bartram) and Monica (Prudence Gill) Rice to join them on their annual caravan holiday. They also invite their bachelor friend Pierce (Gian Wagland) who brings along his very new girlfriend Gwendolyn (Ellen Wilson) so he is not to feel left out.


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Halpern & Johnson

This play, directed by Maurie Dow and David Underwood, centres on Halpern (Nicolaas Voorendt) & Johnson (Martin Wright), two elderly men, who loved the same woman. Sadly, dear old Flo has recently passed away, but unbeknown to Halpern, his wife has had an on-going, life-long friendship with a former lover, Johnson, who turns up to introduce himself for the first time on the day of Flo’s funeral as ‘Florence’s friend’. It’s a lovely premise, two old blokes who seemingly only have one thing in common - the woman they loved. Playwright, Lionel Goldstein, skilfully draws in the audience through to the play’s touching conclusion.
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Controlled Crying

Controlled Crying with Kelly Adams and Nicolaas Voorendt, Directed by David Underwood, Written by Australian doctor, Ron Elisha, Controlled Crying takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster from crisis to crisis created for the parents, Oscar and Libby, by their child Millie. The play starts when Millie is a few weeks old and ends when Millie is 27. Audiences will relive their own experiences with tears and laughter as they empathise with Oscar and Libby through each life crisis. A great night at the theatre. For Mature Audiences Occasional Coarse Language.


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Educating Rita

The play, with Nicolaas Voorendt and Simone Cher Roach and directed by David Underwood, follows the relationship between a young Liverpool working class hairdresser and Dr. Frank Bryant, a middle-aged university lecturer, during the course of a year. Susan (who initially calls herself Rita), dissatisfied with the routine of her work and social life, seeks inner growth by signing up for and attending an Open University Course in English Literature. The play opens as 'Rita' meets her tutor, Frank, for the first time. Dr Frank Bryant ia a middle-aged academic who has taken on the tutorship to pay for his drink. The two have an immediate and profound effect on one another.

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