An image of the Foyer area of the Barossa Arts & Convention Centre


The foyer area is divided into four main areas:

The Main Foyer (Glass Room)
8 metres x 26 metres

Eckermann Theatre Foyer
4 metres x 10 metres

Balcony Main Foyer
3 metres x 28 metres

Balcony Eckermann Theatre Foyer
8 metres x 5 metres

Two large staircases provide access to the upstairs foyers. There is no lift access to this area.


The main foyers are suitable for registrations, display space, exhibition space, break-out facility, stand-up and sit-down meals and other catering. The foyer is linked visually to the main stage by two monitors. The foyers are equipped with three phase power.

The front outside courtyard features but-lit Poplar Trees. Viewed through the floor to ceiling glass wall at the front of the foyer, they create a wonderful ambience in the evening.

Foyer at Night image
Foyer top image
Foyer Upstairs BoardRoom Image