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How Sweepstakes Select the Winners?

Businesses, nonprofits, artists, and inventors flood the airwaves with TV commercials blasting their latest marketing campaign every year. But if you want to get your product in front of millions of consumers, the best way to do so is by hosting sweepstakes. The idea behind sweepstakes is simple: you give away something special to generate interest and excitement for your product or service.

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Then you randomly select winners after the raffle has ended, just like any other lottery drawing. How are the winning numbers chosen? Can you rig the results? Is there a better way to select them? The truth is that there are plenty of different sweepstakes selection methods out there, but most fall into two categories, manual or automatic. You can stay focused for more details or consider as it will help you get better outcomes.

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Manual Sweeps 

The most common type of sweepstakes raffles is manually run. It means that an individual, not a machine, draws the winning numbers. Often this individual is a lawyer, accountant, or other professional that the company hires just for the task. The winners are then typically selected at random using a computer-generated random number generator. There are several ways to run a sweepstakes selection manually. A typical manual selection process involves six steps:

  1. Create the entries (a list of all eligible people)
  2. Randomly select the winning numbers
  3. Identify the winning entries (usually by matching them with a list of winners)
  4. Email or notify winners and publish the results online or in print for everyone to see
  5. Contact the sponsors and provide them with winner contact details if they don’t already have it
  6. Notify any parties that may be affected by the winners (i.e., tax authorities) once all of your duties as a sweepstakes administrator have been fulfilled.

Automatic Sweeps 

The opposite of manually-run sweeps is an automatic system. An automatic system allows the company to run a lottery selection independently without hiring any employees or doing any extra work on their end. Instead, the company runs the drawing for them on a computer, takes manual notes at each step along the way, and emails each winner their information.

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The advantage of an automatic system is that it allows companies to keep all of the business functions they would otherwise have to hire a team member for. For example, if the company only had a handful of employees and no training staff, no one would be left to handle all of the mundane tasks of a lottery drawing. Finally, an automatic system is great for companies that draw a lot of entries for their sweepstakes or want to make things very automated.


Sweepstakes is the most important tool for various businesses as it helps them have a significant impact on their business future. Therefore, it is a must for the people to know more and more about it if they want to know how it helps select the winners. If you consider the above details, you will learn about the famous methods that help sweepstakes choose the winners in appropriate ways.

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